According to Hindu mythology, Saffron is the color of Sunset and Fire which symbolises sacrifice, light, and quest of salvation.

The first tests in Armenian soil, we planted 100 bulbs behind our saffron house. In October we had our first harvest, the saffron likes it in our village!

Krokus Sativus growing in our fields in Armenia
Summer 2017

Saffron becomes a Passion, the Red Gold an Elaborate Hobby.

In August 2017, we bought 50,000 saffron tubers and expanded the cultivation area to 2000 square meters. The summer of 2017 is hot and dry, the soil is as hard as a stone, and the moon tells us when to plant the bulbs!

Planting saffron in Armenia
Fall 2017

The Wonderful Violet of the Saffron Flowers, our first Big Harvest!

Indescribably beautiful when 20'000 bulbs start to blossom.

safranblüten Feld voll von violetten Krokus Sativus für unser Saransirup und Safran Fäden

Picrocrocin, Safranal, and Crocin are the main Contents of the Deep Red Saffron Threads.

Harvesting saffron and drying it is one of the most important ways to influence the quality of saffron. We quickly had to learn the secrets of quality saffron.


Small and inconspicuous are the tin cans where we fill the saffron.

Saffron has to be packed light and airtight, our friend Eric Jones helped us to give the inconspicuous tin cans a face. The first saffron sales could start.


Our Little Tin Cans got a new Dress

The small tin cans were too often "lost" even in a shop rack you could hardly see them. A product as valuable as saffron must be seen and should also be packaged accordingly. And again Eric has brought us a step further with a new very beautiful design. Our cardboard packaging is carefully produced in Basel at Rheinpack. But we assemble and pack them ourselves.

Sari Safran packaging design