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What does salt do to your food?

Saffron salt ‘Fleur des Alpes’

What does salt do anyway?

  • Salt makes food taste more intense and balanced.
  • It changes the texture of your food.
  • Strengthens the gluten and gives the bread structure and elasticity.
  • Salt prolongs the freshness of food and makes it last longer.

It’s not just about how much salt you use — it’s also about what salt you take. Our saffron salt Fleur des Alpes is a gourmet salt rich in mineral salts. The salt is characterized by its purity: It comes from the heart of the rock and is therefore guaranteed to be absolutely free of pollutants. The hand-picked saffron threads blend perfectly with the hand-collected salt crystals from Bex, Switzerland. A harmony of the extra class both in taste and color.

Anush AmirkhanianWhat does salt do to your food?

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