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The saffron harvest 2019

Saffron harvest in our fields in autumn 2019

The harvest is pure manual work. The harvest period is limited to two to three weeks in October. This year it took a while for the flowers to rise. With the help of our employees, neighbours and colleagues, we have not forgotten any flowers. Harvesting in the morning hours is an advantage. In this way, the sensitive scars can be protected from extreme sunlight and loss of aroma.

So every morning during the last 4 weeks before sunrise we visited our fields and collected the result of our hard work throughout the year. Sari saffron is grown organically, and weed control is a challenge from April to September.

In November, after the harvest was dried and packaged, we visited Makaravanq, a monastery from the 10th to the 13th century.


Anush AmirkhanianThe saffron harvest 2019

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