Precious salt with saffron

CHF 16.00 inkl. MwSt.

80 grams of precious salt “Fleur des Alpes” . The hand-picked saffron threads blend perfectly with the hand-collected salt crystals from Bex. A harmony of the extra class.


The Swiss precious salt from Bex according to ancient tradition.

In an exclusive production, rare and fragile salt crystals are collected by hand by the saline craftsmen in Bex and then dried on larch wood. We at Sari Safran take over the valuable salt and merge our first-class saffron with the Fleur des Alpes. It takes about 2 weeks for the saffron and the Fleur des Alpes to fully unite.

Fleur des Alpes on your plate is as pure as the salt that was caught in the rock when the sea retreated 200 million years ago. The salt has never been exposed to the environment since 200 million, 100 without micro plastic or other pollutants !


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