Gourmet box with olive oil Valderrama

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SARI-SAFRAN Threads, Bio

Saffron Salt, 80 grams, Sel des Alps & Sari-Safran

500ml olive oil Valderrama, Spain, organic



Gourmet Box

With the gourmet box, we have created a product that belongs in every gourmet kitchen. We complement our sari saffron and the saffron salt (Sel des Alpes) with the olive oil Valderrama.

Mild-fresh organic olive oil from Spain

heat only moderately (short roast)

Since 1853, the Valderrama family has been dedicated to the care of their olive grove. The grandfather of José M. Valderrama founded the first olive oil factory in 1920 on the site of the family-owned finca in Montilla, about 50 km northeast of Córdoba. Valderrama is characterized by the combination of hundred years of family experience with the use of state-of-the-art technology. Fast processing ensures a product of high quality. From the olive harvest to the first flow of the first “fresh olive juice”, hardly 45 minutes pass, which ensures a maximum of aromas and taste.

The mild gourmet olive oil made from Ocal olives

Thanks to a very gentle processing of the olive variety “OCAL”, a very mild olive oil with a fresh fruity taste is obtained from the fully ripe olives. This olive oil is particularly suitable for preparing Mediterranean salads, tapas and hot dishes – and is far too good for frying.


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