0.5 Gr. Organic Sari Safran threads


0.5 grams of organic saffron threads from Armenia Category 1. hand harvested and air dried on the fresh Armenian air. Processed, packed in Switzerland.

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Our organic Sari Safran is carefully harvested and dried very gently in the air. The gentle handling results in very good values that can keep up with the best in the world.
We tested the 2019 saffron harvest in 2 laboratories, both laboratories certified us Category 1 according to ISO 3632-2. Each new harvest is tested and certified for the crucial ingredients at an independent institute, Eurofins WEJ Contaminants GmbH in Hamburg and Laboratoire AnaScan in France. Eurofins test in progress !

AnaScan Sari Saffron Certificate Harvest 2019

AnaScan Sari Saffron Certificate Harvest 2019



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