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Saffron Book

SAFRAN Das rote Gold

The Great Book of Saffron

No other spice is as expensive as saffron. But what makes saffron so precious? Is it the time- and labor-intensive cultivation, is it the valuable ingredients, or is it the unique taste?

This book illuminates the theme of saffron from all sides: from the origin and botany of the plant to the growing areas and trade, to its use as dyes, in medicine, cosmetics and cuisine. With a lot of interesting and exciting stories about the saffron, portraits of producers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and South Tyrol, a guide to self-planting and a selection of exquisite recipes from five top chefs.

Sari-Safran is also dedicated to a page, we are very happy to be there in this wonderful book about everything you need to know about saffron. The book is available in our SHOP for Fr.50.-.

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