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Our first harvest

The first harvest season on our fields is over. The saffron threads were carefully removed from the crocus flowers. All stages of cultivation were organic, and the stigma was also dried in the natural air. The harvest time of the crocus flowers was regular from 7-9 in the morning, which allows the stigma to preserve the intense taste. After harvesting, the flowers are separated from the saffron threads as soon as possible. All white and orange components will be removed. Only the red peaks of the stigmata remain.

Without the white and orange stigma, one reduces the weight of the harvest, but we increase the quality of the saffron. Saffron of the highest quality does not contain orange components. For the quality of the final product, it is important to separate as soon as possible. The harvest and removal of the threads are therefore carried out on the same day.

As it stands, we had a very productive harvest. The threads look very good, long and beautiful dark red. This promises good quality. It was a lot of work, but our helpers gave everything so that we could process everything every day.

Our Sari Saffron is ready for export to Europe!

UrsWyssOur first harvest

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