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What does salt do to your food?

Saffron salt 'Fleur des Alpes' What does salt do anyway? Salt makes food taste more intense and balanced. It changes the texture of your food. Strengthens the gluten and gives the bread structure and elasticity. Salt prolongs the freshness of food and makes it last longer. It's not just about how much salt you use

Saffron Book

SAFRAN Das rote Gold The Great Book of Saffron No other spice is as expensive as saffron. But what makes saffron so precious? Is it the time- and labor-intensive cultivation, is it the valuable ingredients, or is it the unique taste? This book illuminates the theme of saffron from all sides: from the origin and

Saffron Tales for the Second

Saffron Tales for the Second ! After the Corona Virus got in our way in the spring, together with the Parkhotel Zug we decided to make up for the event from November 19th to 21st. So many people had already signed up, which motivated us to try again. We would be very happy if the

Saffron Tales

Together with the Parkhotel Zug and the guest chef Susanna Ghukasyan, we have created a magnificent 4-course menu. We celebrate the incomparable saffron, the most mysterious spice in the world. Daily from 6 p.m. Special event at the Parkhotel Zug in cooperation with Sari Safran. Reservations under Parkhotel Zug Phone. 041 727 47 47 or

The saffron harvest 2019

Saffron harvest in our fields in autumn 2019 The harvest is pure manual work. The harvest period is limited to two to three weeks in October. This year it took a while for the flowers to rise. With the help of our employees, neighbours and colleagues, we have not forgotten any flowers. Harvesting in the

Pure saffron: laboratory tested

The food laboratories AnaScan in Géroux-les-Bains in France and Eurofins in Hamburg attest to our maximum values in terms of fragrance, taste, and color.

Our first harvest

The first harvest on our fields is over.