Anahide Magazine

The entire ANAHIDE Magazine team is very proud to present the second issue of our Armenian lifestyle magazine.
To start this spring with a bang, we have spotlighted the exceptional Kim Kardashian.
Because she is an ode to excess because she symbolizes the ridiculousness of society’s shackles on women.
It is also a way of expressing the possible plurality of identity. To affirm that there is not “Armenia” but perhaps “Armenia’s.”
but perhaps “Armenia” feeds off each other, opposes each other, and comes together, question, and provoke each other.

To illustrate all this, my teams and I will take you on a journey to Lake Sevan and its secrets.
Together, we will dive into the poetic universe of Anaïd B, the new muse of Armenia 2.0, and the incredible epic of Musa Dagh. There will be history, illustrious personalities, glamour, fashion, culture…

In short, something to tell the story of a thousand-year-old people, their identity, everything that makes the salt of life in general, and that of the magnificent Armenian diaspora in particular.
A profoundly positive magazine, rich in its diversity of subjects while assuming its glamorous side.

ANAHIDE Magazine is now available in Armenian, English, and Russian.